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10 Tips to help you get college scholarship!

Scholarships are great because they provide free money for college that doesn't have to be paid back. There are many different types of scholarships out there.

These 10 Tips will help you get scholarships to pay for college:

  1. Start ASAP and apply early - There are many scholarships that have early application deadlines, so don't miss out on these opportunities.

  2. Search locally - A local scholarship is probably your best chance for getting a scholarship. There are many special scholarships just for locals. This means it will be less competitive as there are less applicants. Local banks, clubs, grocery stores, businesses, organizations, and churches are all potential sources for local community scholarships.

    You should also check state-funded scholarships. States have lots of money to disperse when it comes to providing education.

  3. Read the requirements carefully - Make sure you are eligible right from the star, so you’re not wasting your time. Also, never pay to apply for a scholarship these are usually scams. Read more about Scholarship Scams.

  4. Follow instructions carefully - Any initial errors can get your scholarship application easily denied. Proofread it. Have someone else proofread it!

  5. Ask questionse - Make sure the application is completed right. If you are not sure about something in the scholarship application, don't hesitate to ask.

  6. Neatly presentable, neatly packaged - Send the scholarship application via certified mail or, better yet, FedEx, making your application look professional and stand out from others.

  7. Visit the college/financial counselor at your School - The counselor may be able to lead you to scholarships you don't know about or that aren't listed on the web. You want to find scholarships that aren't very competitive. These are typically scholarships not heavily advertised.

  8. Check School Specific Scholarships - Check with the school/college you would like to attend. Usually there are many school-specific scholarships available. This may also help you in deciding what school/college to attend.

  9. Be Active, Stay Active

    - Being in a sports team, club, or some type of community service will always better your chances at receiving a college scholarship.

  10. Maintain your GPA - Keep your grades up. A higher GPA will make you eligible for more scholarships, thus increasing your chances of receiving additional funds.

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