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Private Sector Scholarships

Private Scholarships are those not directly affiliated with local, state and federal governments. They can be scholarships offered by public and private companies, non-profits, private organizations, and anyone hosting a website. Private scholarships are available throughout the year. These scholarships are based on varying criteria. There are thousands and thousand of private scholarships available. The trick is trying to find them. Here are tips to find private scholarships:

  1. Check the website of any company or product you have used.
  2. Check with your or your family employer about college scholarship.
  3. If you or a family member belong to an private organizations, inquire about college scholarship.

Companies big and small offer scholarships to attract and retain employees, support the communities where the business is located and encourage entrants into the business’ field of work. These are often the scholarships that go unawarded for lack of applicants.

Below are a list of Major Companies that offer sizeable college scholarshps:

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations often award scholarships to help their members afford the cost of college. If you and your family are affiliated with a specific religious group, check with your local group about scholarship availability.


Unions are a major source of scholarship funds. The AFL-CIO website offers a scholarship search service related to union-sponsored scholarships that includes $5,000,000 in available funds. For more about Union scholarship, click here

High School or School District

Your high school may offer scholarships to graduating students. Your high school guidance counselor can provide information about availability.

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