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Last Minute Scholarships

Last minute again, need some extra money?

Here are some scholarships with late deadlines suitable for last-minute applicants. If you're hoping to scrape together a couple of extra bucks before you head off to school, look no further.

The Charles Shafae Scholarship Fund Papercheck Essay Contest ($500)
Deadline: Jan 8, 2016
Essay: Describe social media's impact in modern society . Use sources, whenever possible, and MLA format throughout.

OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award ($500)
Deadline: Currently on Hold
Essay: Short answers to questions like: If you could send a postcard back to yourself 3 years ago, what would you say? If you were a fashion doll or action figure, what would be in the accessories package and why? If you were going to get a tattoo of any company or product logo, what would it be?

Ayn Rand Institute's Atlas Shrugged Essay ($10,000)
Deadline: Sept 17, 2015
1. What do you think Eddie Willersí role is in the story? How does he help convey the novelís theme? Why do you think his fate is left open in the last chapter?
2. Why does John Galt go on strike when the Starnes heirs take over the Twentieth Century Motor Company? Do you think he is right or wrong to start a strike? Explain.
3. Choose the scene in Atlas Shrugged that is most meaningful to you. Analyze that scene in terms of the wider themes in the book.


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